Friday, May 2, 2008

Nicky is still down with the chicken pox and is still staying at home, with mum. He looked so miserable just now beacause mum went out to dunno where and then he stayed at home alone, so we send him his lunch (mum is supposed to pick up the lunch at po's) and then he looked so touched and then...aha. i said buh-bye and left, since kung was waiting for me =)
Right....i'm still not talking to Karee. She seems fine with it. Oh yeah, this might come out of some people's mouth:
Why aren't you talking to her?
Are you sick?
What happened to you both?
Well, Here's the truth.... I had enough!!! I don't like being called MW or muscle woman or Woman (who does?) after i said enough but you still came up with stupid and annoying nicknames which doesn'y even make sense.
You can call me nicknames but try to control yourself!
What do you think i am huh?! A doll on the shelf?? Calling me those names once or twice or even a few hundred times won't hurt me but in a way, you feel really bad and you'll eventually lose you temper! It's even better if you call me bubu or chacha!! (Karee if you're reading this) Maybe you would think like, Oh, she's so "xiao qi" just because i called her MW or whatsoever and she doesn't get mad when people call her Abigai! Well, the truth is, Abigai is alright. It doesn't make me as mad as when you call me MW or blabla. Plus, that is so old-fashioned. Having a friend like you, is great but you do have to know that friends do get mad at friends. Sometimes i do get mad at my other friends but it's just maybe the stuff that they do just mad me angry a bit. But yours, sorry, i can't really take it anymore. Plus, what you day sometimes really offended me, like you talking about my bodysize and saying this saying that. You don't see me get mad or maybe i just laughed a fake laugh but deep down, i really do feel bad and you make me think
It makes people feel insecure and uncomfortable with your own body, it doesn't make you want to lose weight or anything, it just makes you fell that you're a big fat goose or something. The last thing i want to make you clear is that
Actually, i don't even like people touching me!! I have my own rights to protect myself from people touching me and when i say no, it means NO. But sadly, you always do not care what i said and then act stupid and sengaja-sengaja go and put you head on my shoulder when i already asked you not to! It annoys me a lot. As in A LOT. So, don't do that again. I do not wish to slap you the next time you do that.
As for our friendship, just let me have a break from all those trauma. Thanks
Marie and i were overbored today and so, we created some names to suit some of our classmates. Studs, please don't take this seriously, it's just for fun and amusement. At first, we gave ourselves names, Marie the Muse (now Marie the microwave) and Abby the ant. Then Marie started with Aly the ass (since her e-mail add is Aly_ass) and then we had Edlyn the elephant (she needs to eat 3 x 4 bowls of noodles to get to that size) and Pearl the pig (it sounds nice!)
Later on, okay, we got a bit carried away and then we had names for the whole class =P. Here's what I've remembered~
[my top 10 =)]
(in random order)
Hong the horse
Grandmama the goat (Yong the yam)
Rodney the rabbit
Edward the eye
Syafi the sheep
Gavin the goose
Khoo the kangaroo
Pearl the prawn
Ong the oven
Kimberly the kaktus (in malay)
It was a great laugh when some yucky but yet funny stuff pops out of nowhere. Who would think of microwave out of the blue? (me=P)
Dancing tonight. Have to teach the youth to dance the mama dance. Yippee. By the way, Laura and Lisa are awesome dancers!!

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