Thursday, May 29, 2008

please watch the link's funny!!
Today is a, pretty amusing day. Though i just day-dreamed the whole morning. I'm sleeeeeppppppyyy. Watched Snoop Dogg's fatherhood last night. They are a fun family. Snoop brought his kids to meet David Beckham! Omigosh! And Beckham thought them football, i mean soccer. But his kids said that soccer is boring and they like american football more. To me, i enjoy soccer better. It's more fun to watch!
Chatted with kau fu, Shirley and Jac yiyi, plus mum. They usually have adult conversations through msn. They only talk about how to cook the fish and how to prepare Isabelle's party and how's the condition of their house or how Ethan is a leech! Poor Ethan! I think he needs a little sister/brother to play with since it's really boring being the only child and you'll get spoilt by your parents easily. If yiyi had another child, it's good. Ethan won't stick to her like a leech(as she put it) and he would have a friend to play and fight with. hahaha
The Ferbie is driving me crazy!!!
Nick found it in yiyi's old room then he took out the old batteries and put in some new ones. It wasn't annoying at first but it got into my nerves when it started to be a little bit "sot sot" and then it kept talking by itself while i was watching tv and it kept saying "mei mei"(which meant love). I can't stand it. I won't give any love to a toy which smells like the Shieldtox and makes lots of noise. I'll kill it when i have the chance. hahaha
Speaking of Ferbie, i remember owning an Elmo who talks way back when i was 3 or 4. It was a cute, red and fluffy toy. But i wonder where mum kept it. maybe she gave it to the orphanage? Oh well..i'm too old to play toys like that, the orphans need it more than i do. It really can make people smile you know. When that toy laughs, the whole world laughs! shakes too! =)

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