Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sorry for not writing fo rsuch a long time. I was "in the zone" with the chicken pox i must say and it was the most boring days of the year. I had to sit at home, alone, with the 4 walls and just watch tv all day, all week. After a week, i still wasn't well. I had to stay at home for another week but mum let me return to school Friday.
School was, well, as i expected, lack of TLC. No one really came to talk to me much. Probably because i looked scary and i could give them chicken pox too. Only Aly talked the most to me on that day, the showed the most TLC. hahaha. Marie was afraid that she would get the cp and as foe the rest, well, needless to say. Rodney said that my poxes were more than his when he got it, Jabraaan nodded in agreement and they said that it wasn't cp, it was monkey pox and it made us laugh much. Reuben said that i died and rose again from the dead. The rest? Well, they just asked whether i'm okay or not and then asked me many questions about the poxes. bla....
I left left out, honestly, when i'm in school. I don't really blame them really because i know that i'm infectious and they are afraid that they would get it. So, i was all alone. I'm a loner... hahaha
But something cheered me up that day. Someone said something really nice =) and it was just adorable.
okay. David Cook was crowned American Idol season 7. I didn't thought he would win though. I prefer Archuleta. He's too cute. But, Cook's alright. He has a big tummy =) and his brother kept crying down there at the audience. He's cuter than his brother though. But if i had to choose between Cook and Archuleta, i had to day Archuleta. His voice is just soothing and he really is cute.
He's the winner!! haha...i won't buy Cook's album but i'll buy Jason's !!!!! wakakakakaka
I can't go to youth, i can't go to church because i might infect the GS Kids and their parents might chase me and hit me till i die because, i infected their children so....let's just stay at home, for the sake of the children. But i do miss the youth!! Liana is flying to Penang, maybe right now and i'm not gonna see her until, maybe next week!! I'm gonna miss my sister!! Oh yeah, Marie went to visit the cat city, Kuching for short and i think she's patting cats around the street now. Wakaka
game time. cheers

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