Friday, June 13, 2008

Boring ol' day

Teacher's day celebration just now. School ended 20 minutes earlier! Yippee. But it wasn't really a great deal. We were stuck bored from start to finish. Here's the program...

1. Recess
Gosh! It's 7.15 and we're having recess??? I'm not even hungry yet. Marie, Aly and I went to the office to get the name list, and spy on Dtn. Rosni...she gave ever class that she's teaching FOOD! and our class didn't get sad.

2. Entering the hall
It was so hot! And they lack of seats for our form. We sat at the chairs for form 1 studs. Saw Yeong Sheng carrying this and carrying that

3. Teachers grand entrance
They (6A studs) made confetti and all. All teachers were afraid of the confetti. The crazy form 6 girl SS there, throwing the (un-blown) balloons instead of the confetti. Dumb

4. Speeches
Some guy from form 6 gave ashort speech. it was the principal's speech that made most of us sleepy.

5. Performances
The singing was, i havta say, AWFUL! My eardrums were banging. The band was not co-ordinated. The dance from kebudayaan club was not as good as last year's.

6. Favourite teachers
Peralihan and form 1 was Chin Fui len!!!!(goodness.....)
Form 2 was Cikgu Stanley (we were upset because Rose didn't win the prize)

7. Games
Boring games!! I prefered the fashion show last year. More fun! And funnier. This year was sleepy. I don't even understand how to play the games.

8. Favourite teachers part 2
For form 3 and 4 teachers. Neoh Neoh won form 3

9. Performances part 2
Form 1S studs wanted to show us their "chinese modern dance" but it was more like stripper + lousy + boring dance. Boo-ings started. the prefects sang a wedding song....

10. Favourite teachers part 3
Form 5 and 6. Oong's father won a prize

11. Last performance
We were actually a bit entertained by this. 5A danced a dance (duh!) They included Spondebob. Overall, it was the best. Liana's cousin, Joel performed. funny...hahaha

12. Teachers
Para teachers went on stage and sang a song. Cikgu Bestah was out of tune. Form 6 students gave persents to teachers on behalf of us. Other students went up to give individual gifts.

13. The end
Everyone walked out of the hall. Went home and slept =)

It was a really boring teacher's day yet. Organisers should improve next year. No ugly dancing by some i dunno who-s. I enjoyed last year's celebration more.

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