Friday, June 27, 2008


Oh...i was pissed by the math quiz today. I wonder who made those questions up! So confusing! Everyone was like CONFUSED!!! Ms. Lee..please give us more questions next time, but make it easier. Don't give us 2 freakin' hard questions which no one can understand! Shei Shei

Ok. Marie finally shown us her song written by her - Thirteen. It was quite good. Though me and Aly just like to sing our own song...we got the "inspiration"(as Marie puts it) from Marie's song! Here are some stuff we thought about (my top few)...[use the melody from "Hallelujah" By JASON CASTRO!!!]

I turned 13
in the middle of the night
I don't know why
but it feels so fine
School will end
at one forty
It feels great and
i'm so free!
Oh Baby
can't you see?
I love you but
you had flee
I have pimples
big and small
Marie has them too
on her toes
Well..these are the few that i can remember. The others are in my bag, not in my mind. There's one about Ah Chai and Marie. tehehe.
[MD news]
she's being pretty rude. All i can say, pretty rude.

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