Wednesday, June 4, 2008

the continue....

Okay...where was I?
Oh yeah!! Uncle's wife brought along her twin sister and her niece too. They were like, =). Like every dish also they say nice. Even the papaya and pineapple. Like they've never eaten such dish/fruit before! They look very serious but they're actually nice people and very fun to watch. All of them went to Kudat, as well as kung. So syok....

We(ma n i) sent po home while kung sent the rest back to the Pung's house(they're staying there). Later, ma and I headed to Liana's place(Aunty Pearl's). They were laughing so loud when we arrived at the gate. I can hear from outside, teacher Jade and Crystal were laughing hard. They finished playing all the games...and the food was all eaten up by Vios. Boo!!!!~ But we had ice-cream =) It was real fun. We played PS also...haha. Kristin is unbeatable. Hsiao Yun only chose "macho" characters...Then we didn't wanna go home but all the aunties and one uncle/grandpa (Vios) kept saying he wanted to go home. And did i mention? He wants to follow our car AGAIN!! does he know how stinky he is? gosh.... Teacher Jade even set up a "secret password". You need to get the correct password then only you can exit Liana's house. She and my mum and the other aunties thought of it actually. mushi-mushi-mushi-mu! That's the password =) Then we left before 11.30. And there was one really dangerous thing....Yeong Sheng drove!! hahaha.

On our way home, Vios, A. Youlinda and ma talked about AFC and all. Vios said that he wanted to be a chef one day. So sarcastic. He said "planning to" with so stinky additude. I smell the burning sarcasism. uugghhh!! Like he very smart that! Please...i will not want to eat in his restaurant. Never ever!!!!!

To end the day, i brushed my teeth, changed into my PJs and went to bed.

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