Thursday, June 19, 2008

Like, what?

Whoa! Hot day today. We continued making our blouses today during ERT! So oht! i feel sorry because i used up Aly's pins. Really sorry. Teacher will not be in tomorrow. Maybe she has to go check-up, for her baby....tehehee

There were some things which happened for the past few days...

1. My results
Sumranie said that i need not sit for the exam since there is no time. She'll let me pass =) but, it's not really fair. Nevermind. The thing is, i actually have a placing now. No 29. I wasn't glad about it. Neither is mum. I will post another post, mainly on this one which i wrote last night and saved it in my pendrive. Look out for it.

2. ETHAN!!!
haha...i finally met him yesterday! He's sooooo cute!!! ADORABLE!!! I wanna kiss him!!! But then, he just kept blinking his eye like he wants to goda me. hahaha...still cute =)

3. The dramatics
Today, they had finally spoken! Marie and Aly told me about the true TYS story. It's Marie who actually told Aly, not Karee. But then, i don't really care anyway. I was just really upset. That they kept such a secret. Well, similiar to a secret. Marie thought i was mad at her. Aly thought I was mad at Marie. Hello? It's just a stupid crush. But we're okay now. Marie kept scribbling and scribbling during PSK. By the way, i want to see what you wrote. Okay girls, forget about that form 6 guy, okay??? And...we were so dramatic at that time, especially Marie =P

4. School concert
If anyone wiches me to go, sorry but I'M NOT GOING!! It's lame. They don't have Switchfoot so i'm not going. Buh-bye!!!!

5. E- add
Ed "proclaimed" that she has Ah Chai's MSN/e-mail add. Could this be true? she said that she will give it to us tomorrow night, but got syarat! Dui....then i don't want larh~ manatau u're syarats are really hard to fulfill. It's not worth it for a guy's e- add..

That's about it. We're having a small gathering tonight. Cut cake. Kung's birthday tomorrow. Yippee!!!!

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