Thursday, June 26, 2008


Ok...the dreams that i'm having creeps me out. The dream is like a story, it continues and continues. And the BAD thing is, i don't know who is that guy who kept appearing in my dream. Blech. He kept caming out and the dreams were mainly about him but GOSH! I DON'T KNOW WHO THAT GUY IS! But he's quite cute though. Marie said that it might be my future husband. Or soulmate. Gosh! She even asked me to ask him who he is in my dreams...the coming dreams. lol. I can't control my dreams. Maybe it's because the i played and played the "all i have to do is dream" song but hello? since when did i think of a guy? Dui..this is confusing. Lord, please tell me who the guy is and is he really my soulmate?

too late! Have 2 go! i need to take care of Ethan for these few weeks so i might not have to post...really sorry. More info on my life and dreams after he flies back to KL. God bless!~

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