Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dinner yesterday was alright. Ididn't like the tau fu though. Worst I ever had, though i like yau fu but this is like they mash the taugu then put some dunno what and fry and put some sauce on it. It's ikky. As usual, i ate fish and vege only. And chicken. No prawns or lobsters for me. I don't eat no shells or whatever. I just eat fish. Thank you.


We sat there from 7 till about 9.45! Can you imagine that? It was soooo boring. Only Kung and Uncle Stephen and the other guy talked about their childhood memories. Us girls just sat there and eat. Believe me, the previous dinner with Uncle Stephen was better. The food was better too. Even though i had to face the Pung's and they put me in a very weird situation, asking me weird questions. uuuggghhh. But it was quite funny. Uncle Stephen kept saying "ah...that reminds me of a story..." and then he will tell some funny stuff. Our table was the loudest one.

More info next time...
Go eat lunch!!!

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