Friday, January 16, 2009

JASON Castro <3333333333

These two Castro-s. Who would you prefer??? xDDD
Michael (top) or Jason (bottom)???
Well duh I'm sticking to Jason Castro !!!!! whoo! <33

i still like this pic xDDD

Well, American Idol season 8 went to Kansas yesterday. Not yesterday larh, that episode was shown yesterday, via satellite. very ngong loh me yesterday! I didn't even see Jason Castro when they said, 'and Paula had a big surprise..'. I had no idea what I was doing at that time. (haha...I watched the repeat just now, that's why I know)

Then, they had those before the commercials punya 'coming up...' and then I saw someone like Jason Castro. But I wasn't sure whether it's Castro or not so I asked Nick and he said that it's him. But then, I didn't believe him so during the whole commercial I was going, "WAS THAT JASON CASTROOOOO???!!"

Nick and pa were irritated. hahaha

Then more commercials :) and yeah, CONFIRMED that he's THE Jason Castro and then I was like, "why is he there??? he's auditioning again???"

Again, the irritation of my voice

I have no idea what is up to me these days, I cannot seem to listen properly! Like yesterday when mum called home (she went for a haircut) saying that she will be coming back. She told me to ask dad to wait for her (Dad needed to send Nick to tuiton) so they can go have dinner outside. INSTEAD! I heard, "I'm coming home now. Ask pa no need to wait for me larh, send Nick to tuitioon first."

What is happening???

Maybe I need to go see the ENT doctor again. aiks. No way! I don't want to see that doctor who stuck that long thing into my nose! nonono! Nanti faint again! no!!!


He actually went to the auditions to support his brother, Michael.

Then his brother said that both of them are different from each other. His bro said,
"Like, he's more girly"
what? really? Just because he has that hairstyle and you say he's girly???? Oh well...maybe it's true? They are brothers you know xD and guess what Jason replied??

"what do you mean by that??"
in his usual, uhmm...voice

that's it. What an reaction for an insult. But it's cool =p

So then, Michael went into the audition room. Randy, Paula and Simon was I guess very excited. Paula said, "It was a pleasure having your brother last season!" (YES PAULA! I AGREE!!!) They asked more questions and then he said, "I NEVER sang. I just started singing like, 20 days ago." Everyone in the room was shocked. Then he said, "If my brother can do it, well, so can I!" confindently. And very 'pau long tiu'-ly. pfft

The song he chose to sing was I'm in love with a girl - Gavin Degraw.
So sama oh he sing! Like it's really Gavin.

Then, judges said good, good, good.

Simon said that he is not sure about the Castro-s, whether they really want this or not. haha
dunno what Paula said.
Kara (the new judge) said that he was LCLY! ugh.
dunno what Randy said, again. The disease again, lol.

So, he's IN!
can you believe a guy who only sang for 20 days would make it to Hollywood???
maybe it's pure Castro DNA!

and what did Jason Castro commented? "I can't believe it! I never even heard him sing in real life! Can't believe it!"

haha. Imagine me never hearing Nick sing. xDD No larh. He always sing in the shower, and everywhere around the house. Off pitch.

In the middle of the audtion, pa and Nick!!!!!!!!! totally made me feel, I suppose, sad.

They said,

"ei...the younger one more liang zai..."

"I like his hair more than his brother's Maggi hair oh..."

"he got more muscles!"

"He's taller than his brother, you see his brother so short"

"If between him and his brother, I'd rather you choose him"

"His eyes are not like his brother like that drop down one"

"he's more handsome"


Okay, first. Breathe Abby, breathe.
Now, drink water....

I still like Jason Castro, no matter what you guys blah!!!! and that's final!!!! finalll!!!!!

Jason Castro!!!!!!

I'm again, getting the American Idol gilaness thing going on again. Which is bad! I need to study more this year and tv will ruin my study schedule! Not exactly study schedule, the reading time? Okay, it would affect my ?? studying plan... ahh...

So, anyone...stop me from American Idol gilaness!!!!! Take it away!

But don't take Jason Castro away!! :)

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